Monday, September 26, 2011

Crafting with the kiddos

Happy (belated) Mabon everyone!! 
Fall is finally here! We can all breathe a sigh of relief as summers harsh heat moves out to make way for autumns crisp coolness. (Though im in Tx so that probably wont happen till around mid October lol) 
To celebrate we have been baking yummy fall goodies, cleaning the house, decorating and making fall crafts. 
For Mabon we made fun fall wreathes with the kids. :)

To start you will need:

* Paper plates

* Glue (stick or liquid your choice

* Construction paper

* Glitter (Optional)

* Scissors 

* A ruler

* Something to write with (pen, marker, crayon, pencil)

* Fall leaf template:

Construction paper (Fall colors or Halloween colors)

Paper plates (you can leave it whole if you want to make it a  pentagram wreath or cut the middle out  if not.)
Glue, Glitter, Pen, Scissors, Ruler

Cool leaf templates i found online

Cut leaves out and trace them onto the color paper of your choice

Ta-da! Leaves

Put some glitter in a plate.
With your glue make a design on the leaves. Lay them into the glitter on the plate.

Make 5 strips of paper (color is up to you) with your ruler. I made mine a little over half an inch.

Cut them out.

Cut the tips at an angle at each end of the strips (about an inch). Then cover one side in glue.

Glue the strips to the center of the plate to make a pentagram.

On the back of the leaves glue the bottom part (about half an inch) and the stem. Glue the leaves around the plate.

The leaves will be sticking up, so place another paper plate gently onto  the wreath and press it down.

Your wreath is DONE! :)

If you want you can glue a magnet on to the back of your wreath, or hole punch the top and tie a ribbon through it to hang it up.

*Sorry if the pictures suck lol. All i have is my cell phones camera at the moment.*

 The cool thing about this is that it  would be good for Yule or Christmas time also! :) (If you did it with green paper and maybe added some red paper berries or something)

Hope you all have fun doing this, we sure did!


Velody said...

What a cute idea to make it have a magnet for the fridge. I did a Mabon wreath with my kids also, I have it up over on my blog. Seems our minds were on a similar page.

Witchfire said...

ha, that's cool, I like this idea. I especially liked going through the pictures and being surprised with the end result. :-) Blessings! ~)O(~